Scope of Services

This list encompasses some of the most commonly requested testing. For additional information or research requests please contact SET directly.

Need to request testing? Please download the following spreadsheet and email us with a project description:
SET Testing Request Sheet.xls
SET Frac Sand Testing Request Sheet.xls

  • Water Content: ASTM:D2216 and D4959
  • Moisture Density: ASTM:D7263
  • Atterberg Limits and MBI: Plasticity Index ASTM:D4318, Shrinkage Limit ASTM:D427,
    Fall Cone Liquid Limit BS 1377-2
  • Sieve and Hydrometer Analysis: ASTM:D422
  • Sieve Analysis: ASTM:D6913
  • Specific Gravity: ASTM:D854
  • pH: ASTM:D4972(methods A or B) or ASTM:G51
  • Organic Content: ASTM:D2974
  • Standard and Modified Proctor: ASTM:D698 and ASTM:D1557
  • California Bearing Ratio (CBR): ASTM:D1883 additional information
  • Unconfined Compression: ASTM:D2166 and ASTM:D7012
  • Direct Simple Shear (DSS): ASTM:D6528
  • Triaxial Compression: Unconsolidated-Undrained ASTM:D6528, Consolidated-Undrained with
    pp readings ASTM:D4767 additional information
  • Direct Shear: ASTM:D3080
  • Modified Torsional Ring Shear: ASTM:D6467 additional information
  • Consolidation: ASTM:D2435
  • Swell Test: ASTM:D4546
  • Resistivity: Thermal Resistivity / Conductivity ASTM:D5334 additional information, Miller Box ASTM:G187
  • Dispersion: Pinhole ASTM:D6467, Crumb Test ASTM:D6572, Double Hydrometer ASTM:D4221
  • Permeability: Falling Head ASTM:D5084, Constant Head ASTM:D5856,D2434,D4511 additional information
  • Grout Testing (Strength, Permeability, Density, etc.)
  • Various testing protocols associated with the physical properties of oil sands
  • Frac Sand Testing: Crush Resistance (API-RP 19C, sec.11), Acid Solubility (API-RP 19C, sec.8) , Bulk Density (API-RP 19C, sec.10), Sphericity and Roundness (API-RP 19C, sec.7) additional information
  • Collapse Potential of Soils: ASTM:D5333